Life as a Telecom Student

Being in my senior year here at UF I don’t have very much time left as a college student. I couldn’t have asked for a better four years and being a Telecommunications student has really impacted my experiences for the better! The Center for Media Innovation and Research and the Innovation News Center have really allowed me to gain experience to help me be prepared for jobs in the News industry. Over the years I have been able to work for multiple radio stations (ie Rock104 and WUFT-FM) and WUFT-TV doing a vast variety of things such as writing radio stories, interviewing people for radio and tv, learning how to use a video camera, writing and editing my own news packages, and eventually doing what I love best: being the entertainment anchor for the WUFT-TV First at Five Newscast. 


Being able to actually put together my own news package has been very important to helping me prepare for life in the real world. I can now successfully film, interview, edit, write, and overall completely put everything together on my own.

I am not sure other students for other Universities can say that have been able to experience everything that I have. I cannot imagine attending another University other then UF because they have such a great Telecommunications News program to prepare me for my future. I have had a blast here and can’t wait to apply my new skills to the job world!

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The Tipping Point

I thought that the book The Tipping Point was a very interesting read. It talked about the idea of social trends and how something can spread so fast and instantly become said trend. It is very interesting how something can go from a thing that one person does and all of a sudden blow up and become the next big thing. It might not even be something that one would find “appealing.” For example, I think that high-waisted shorts for girls and low baggy pants for guys are extremely unattractive. However, they are both currently huge trends in America and are being worn by many of the youth today.

How the “tipping point” can change the way the world views something or someone is such a great theory. Like I said before, it can be anything from a fashion to a TV show, to a video found on the internet. The author of the book,Gladwell talks about the three rules to determine whether something becomes the latest “trend.” He coins this the “Rules of Epidemics.” The three rules he describes are The Law of the Few, The Stickiness Factor, and the Power of the Context.

Throughout the book Gladwell goes on to explain the three different factors. The Law of the Few talks about how a number of influential types of people can cause a trend to grow. Many “outbreaks” can be traced back to a small group on “infectors” which he breaks into smaller groups: the “Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen.” The Connectors are people who are in different types of genres of our life that help connect things. Mavens are those who help consumers by helping them back decisions and Salesmen are people who are very persuasive in convincing people to buy and do certain things.

The Stickiness Factor is whether this new trend will actually stick in popularity. Will this new fashion statement actually take over America? Will kids all over the country wear extremely baggy pants that show their underwear? Or will something such as Rebecca Black’s Friday be a hit for a few weeks then will disappear into the atmosphere? Will the “new thing” stick in the minds of the public and influence their behavior? The author uses various examples to support his theory such as the TV show Sesame Street and how it influences our youth today. It teaches many kids their letters, numbers and other things to help in their learning development.

The Power of the Context talks about how the environment has to be just right for the trend to grow. As an example, the author talks about rapid decline in violent crime rights in New York City during the 90s. He talked about how a few little changes in the environment allowed said factors to “tip” into a big decrease in crime. He then goes on to talk about how in order for a “tip” to work, a large population needs to use said trend.

Overall, I think this book was very interesting in learning about trends and how they actually become big into our world. It is so odd to me how something so small and stupid can become the next big thing. Who would have ever thought that terms such as “YOLO” and “FML” would be used in normal sentences on a regular basis or that a two little british girls would become the next big thing in Ellen Degeneres’s eyes simply from a youtube video their mother posted. It is quite fascinating how things become trends and I really enjoyed reading this book for more details.

Classmate’s Bios 2

Lauren Rautenkrantz’s blog is about different experiences she has had being a telecom major. In her bio she shows pictures of her family and talks about growing up in South Florida and how she got to where she is today.

Mitchell Wohl’s blog is about theatre. In his bio he talks about how he started to like acting and getting more involved with it.

Lisa Greenberg’s blog is about different foods and clothing she likes. In her bios she talks about her past internship experiences and what she wants to do in life.

Classmates Bios 1

Brittany Bassler’s blog is about being a wild life reporter. In her bio she talks about how her family is really close. She loves living in her small town with her family.

Jillian di Montluzin’s blog is about her different reviews of recently released movies. In her bio she talks about where her journey began and what she is currently doing now in the TV industry.

Amanda Di Lella’s blog is about different ways to eat healthy. In her biography she talks about how news is a passion of hers and past internships she has had.

My Biography

Rachel Stern was born in Hollywood, Florida on November 17th 1991. She is currently a senior attending the University of Florida. Rachel is a Telecommunications: News major and a Theatre minor. She is the Friday entertainment anchor for the WUFT-TV News First at Five newscast. Once she graduates, Rachel plans to pursue a career in the entertainment media industry and hopefully one day will become an Entertainment Correspondent. Rachel’s resume shows all of her experience thus far to help her achieve this goal. She has had the opportunity to interview celebrities such as Kevin James, and Step Up Revolution Stars Kathryn McCormick and Ryan Guzman.

Kendall Schmidt

Kendall Schmid

I didn’t even know who this person was at first when I met him. I was walking along New York City in the rain and all of a sudden a swarm of girls came out of nowhere and crowded around a car. I knew someone famous had to be at the center of the circle so I rushed over. I asked a random guy who it was because I couldn’t see with all the umbrellas and the guy said it was Kendall Schmidt from Big Time Rush. I don’t really know the band well but I knew my sister was a huge fan so I went up to Kendall and asked for a picture. He looked at me and shouted, “Holy $h!t I freakin’ love the Gators…GO GATORS,” and proceeded to do the Gator Chomp. This is how I met Kendall Schmidt and my sister was extremely jealous.

Big Time Rush is a band and a TV show on Nick!
I also met Actor Kevin James!



I will always remember the time I met Hanson. They came to my local mall to perform in concert and I begged my mom to go. Hanson was the “it” band 15 years ago. We watched them perform and I was in the front row! My mom took pictures during the entire show and I couldn’t wait to develop them.

After the show I got the opportunity to meet them! My mom rolled my sister in her stroller and I anxiously waited to meet them. Finally my time came and even though they aren’t all looking I got this great picture. However this is where my luck ended. My mom looked down at the stroller and someone had stolen her camera. All those concert pictures were gone. I was extremely upset but at least the picture with Hanson wasn’t taken on the same camera…silver lining lol

Apparently Hanson still sings!

I also met another singer, Kelly Clarkson!

Joel McHale

Joel McHale

I met Joel McHale on the University of Florida Hillel House. He was in town performing at Gator Growl and after the event Florida Blue Key always has a party at Hillel. For $20 anyone can attend this party. I decided to go to try and meet Joel. I noticed that he was in a private room that said Blue Key members only. I was determined to meet him so I just stood outside the door and tried to convince the girl guarding the door to let me in. An older man came outside the room and said to me, “You really want to meet him don’t you…pretend to be my daughter and just walk in after me.” I followed him in and the girl stopped me at the door. I told her that guy was my dad and she said, “that’s weird because that’s my dad.” I was really embarrassed but she let me in and that is how I got my picture with Joel McHale. 

Check out Joel McHale on The Soup! 
Check out my story about meeting fellow E! star Chuy Bravo

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